Safety First

Our Safety Mission is built on the simple yet effective core value, to half the bad and double the good. Reduce work-related incidents by 50% each year and double the member safety awareness every year.


Our Safety Philosophy is based on the belief that every team member must embrace safety as a condition of hire and continued employment by:


  • Accepting personal responsibility for everyone's safety.
  • Completing all mandatory safety training.
  • Eliminating or safeguarding all unsafe acts and conditions.
  • Believing that work related injuries are preventable and therefore unacceptable.
  • Holding management accountable for continuously improving company safety.


  Our Safety Commitment

  • Be aware and proactive through pre and post job-site assessments
  • Proper equipment training and utilization
  • Thorough incident investigation and post-incident follow-up
  • Accountability and data driven approach to safety
  • Create safety committees that drive safety on all levels of the business

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